Every day, we tap hundreds of holes and insert thousands of fasteners to put the finishing touches to a range of products.

Inserting, tapping and rolling services

Our inserting, tapping and rolling services give customers the flexibility to design their products with minimum restrictions when it comes to thread size, length, material or finish.

Fasteners and inserts are designed to be pressed into pre-determined holes in sheet metal parts. When materials are too thin to tap, inserts help to provide a higher strength thread. With three PEM-inserting machines and a panel roller capable of rolling up to 1,250mm long and 3mm thick, DKM offers excellence throughout every stage of the manufacturing process.

Check out our case studies to discover our inserting, tapping and rolling services in action or get in touch.

Thousands of bushes, inserts and studs up to 8mm diameter inserted each day
Pantographic tapping arm capable of tapping up to M8 threads within a 1,000mm work area
Rolling capabilities up to 1,250mm long and 3mm thick