Electrical control company

DKM was approached by a major electrical control company, who had been drilling and reworking off the shelf enclosures to create various motor control panels. They wanted a universal cabinet which could house all their electrical variants. With their advice, our in-house designers come up with a unique design resulting in a cost-effective solution and a significantly reduced lead time.

Cutting costs for an electrical control company

By creating a modular, standard enclosure that could be used to house all variations, we improved quality and dramatically reduced their labour time. This product has now been installed into several high street retailers, including Next and H&M.

Our team of designs at DKM have years of experience for designing for manufacture. Using our laser capabilities, we were able to build efficient nest to incorporate the full kits and to maximise material usage. After press-inserting several different bushes and standoffs; our experienced team welded the modular boxes together and finished them to the highest standard. Lastly, from our dedicated powder coating and assembly shop we finished the product to the customers specification.

Product design for manufacture

DKM has years of experience in designing products for manufacture. In this case, the customer wanted to create a better, more effective product while keeping costs low. The modular design enabled them to order large quantities, and to benefit from the savings this provided. And as their team now spend their time building the electronics rather than modifying enclosures, their productivity has increased by almost 50%.

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Electrical control company