Domestic range cookers

Electric range cookers are a centrepiece in many homes across the UK. DKM has worked with a leading range cooker manufacture since 2004. Through ongoing customer focus we have helped them to expand their product portfolio, reduce costs and continuously manufacture product to their increasing quality standards. With our help, the results have been excellent.

Increasing the range for a luxury cooker brand

The results have been fruitful. We now manufacture a range of 15 cookers, and manufacture several hundred units each month.

The main shells for the range cookers are punched by DKM. The ancillary parts some of which include the lids, surround, hinges and ovens are manufactured though our laser and press-brake processes. We have a complex jigging process which allows our experienced team to build different modular sized framework in order to create different sized models. All parts are then finished to the highest level of quality which sometimes includes adding and blending a surface grain back into the part.

Quality standards

DKM’s ISO 9001:2015 qualification has played an essential part in taking this range company to the level they’re at today. By embedding care points and procedures into their manufacturing principles, we help them to meet their stringent quality standards and maintain their annual quality score of 99%.

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DKM offers a full range of manufacturing services – from simple punch and assembly to complex products that require an extremely high-quality finish. From product design to manufacturing and supply, we can help – just get in touch.

Domestic range cookers